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A tell-all book by award-winning journalist and Pulitzer Prize nominee Leonard Novarro, from the trenches to the seats of power. Explosions, assassinations, racism, terrorism, organized crime, the rich and famous, the poor and downtrodden -- they all cross paths with author Novarro as he navigates through 40 years of what was "the golden age of journalism." Meet the one time head of the Ku Klux Klan who forty years ago predicted the election of Donald Trump. Walk with the author as he encounters a side of Beatles Paul McCartney few have seen. Take a seat alongside an interview with the leader of an assassination plot. Learn how the most famous movie ever made was almost not made. And walk the back streets of a major Southern city, abetted by a young congressman named Al Gore Jr., as the author uncovers a major environmental catastrophe that altered the lives of hundreds of poor families, black and white. Lastly, share his view of what killed an industry that was so powerful it was called the "Fourth Estate" of government.

When ordering, use complete title of the book  "WORDSLINGER: The Life and Times of a Newspaper Junkie"
The book may be ordered via any of the book sites listed below by using the title or these ISBN numbers:
Paperback ISBN: 9781665560245
Hardcover ISBN: 9781665560252
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